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After you complete your retun, you may monitor the progress of the e-file status from these links.

Tax FAQs Return to index of Frequently Asked Questions.

Income Tax Payment Plan  Information about satisfying your tax obligations by setting up a payment plan for taxes due.

Options To Pay Taxes Due Online:

If your online tax preparation session determines that your withholding is insufficient to completely pay your tax obligations, and additional state or federal taxes are due, payment options will be displayed.

A number of electronic payment options are supported by the IRS and available to taxpayers. Payments can be made when e-filing, by Internet or by phone. If you are using a different tax preparation software package, you will need to contact them diretly to find out what their payment options are.

The current-year IRS form 1040 and Application for Extension supports Electronic Fund Withdrawal Options through integrated E-file and E-pay, offered through authorized Internet tax preparation software service providers.

For paying taxes due online by Electronic Fund Withdrawal (EFW) Click here.

For IRS Authorized Credit Card Payment Service Providers Click here.

Taxpayers can file early and schedule a payment by credit card, debit card or electronic fund withdrawal later. The following link provides general information for online payment options for federal taxes due: Click here.

If you cannot complete your return and file it by April 15, you may request an extension of time to file, however, an extension of time to file does not extend the deadline to pay any taxes due. If you have taxes due and do not pay by April 15, you will be subject to the tax due plus penalties and interest.

If you cannot pay the full amount you owe, you will benefit from paying as much as you can by April 15 because penalties and interest are only assessed on any unpaid balance.

To request a payment plan for taxes due, go to the Online Installment Payment Application, Click here

Penalties and interest would still be due on late tax payments, so other options are also available which may save money: Click here

Military personnel serving in combat zones are granted an automatic extension of time to file a tax return and pay taxes due without penalty or interest. Normally, the filing and payment deadline is automatically extended until 180 days after the service member leaves the combat zone. Victims of recent natural disasters, listed on, are also granted extra time.

IRS Taxpayer Assistance can provide authoritative answers to your tax-related questions and advice specific to your taxpayer obligations under the tax code. Contact them by phone (7am-10pm) in the US: 1-800-829-1040, or at your local IRS field office by phone or in person.


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