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After you complete your retun, you may monitor the progress of the e-file status from these links.

Tax FAQs Return to index of Frequently Asked Questions.

The Benefits of Using Online Tax Prep and E-file Software  Information about the benefits of using the online tax prep software and online tax filing.

How will using this option benefit me?

Fast Refund - Your tax return is processed quickly which means at the IRS, and in most states, you can have your refund direct deposited into your checking or savings account.

Fast Processing - Your refund is received twice as fast. The IRS and participating states can process your e-file returns much more quickly than those that are filed on paper.

More Accurate - Tax preparation software eliminates errors you may make, and e-file processing of the Federal and state return eliminates most errors.

Proof of Filing - You can meet your Federal and state tax obligation at the same time. The IRS and state agency will let you know that your return has been received and accepted.

Convenience - At IRS and in most states you can file early and pay any balance due by April 15.

You can pay both Federal and State balance in one transaction - Federal tax payments can be made via electronic funds withdrawal or credit card. Most states are accepting electronic funds withdrawal and credit card payments, but federal and state payments are not combined.


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